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Friday Ramblings: Morons, Updates, Seniors, and Hope for Today’s Youth

 Have you ever had your day made worse by a moron? Ever had to change plans or expend more effort based on some else’s stupidity? I am working on this post at the public library right now because some moron took out a telephone pole and wiped out my home internet. After having almost no snow in January, it looks like it just might snow every day in February. Maybe it’s because of the Broncos annihilation in the Super Bowl, or maybe we are just due, but it’s slick out there people. Slow down! I know anyone can slide off the road in icy conditions, but unless you are blind (in which case you shouldn’t be driving), you can easily see that the roads are very snow packed. The normal speed limit on our road is 40mph in good weather. It should be 20 in snow. This accident happened right after a stop sign, so I can only guess this fellow was going way too fast, slammed on his brakes, and did a Dukes of Hazzard into the telephone pole. I drove by right after the accident, and the driver was thankfully unharmed. It’s been a long time since I ...

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