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5 Steps to Going from Two Incomes to One

Going from two incomes to one

To some, it may seem impossible to go from living off of two incomes to living off of one, but millions of Americans are living this way of life every single day. There are many reasons why families live off of one income – from someone losing a job to medical reasons to wanting to stay home with young children. Whatever your reason, it can be very advantageous to live off of one income instead of two, including having a better handle on your finances, eliminating items you don’t need (such as cable) and having more freedom in your family unit. If you’re currently living off of two incomes but hoping to go down to one, here are five crucial steps you’ll need to take. Step 1: Evaluate your budget in detail Write down every single fixed and variable expense and take a hard look at what you can reduce or eliminate. After eliminating items such as cable, expensive cell phone plans and weekly trips to the coffee shop, see where you’re at. The harsh reality is that you may need to downsize your home in order to make the dream of living off of one income a reality. By ...

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Freelance Writing is Brutal

  There are so many bloggers out there who make freelance writing seem easy, and bank huge amounts of money working from the comfort of their own home. I don’t think I want to freelance full time. I’ve been an eye doctor for a long time, and it’s a good living. However, if an opportunity presents itself, I’m not one to walk away. When Alexa listed a freelance job in her weekly roundup that was perfect for me, I jumped at the chance. It was a great experience, but writing for someone else is not for the thin skinned. Freelance writing is brutal! How it Works I’ve never done freelance writing before, but this is how the whole process worked for me. The listing asked for health writers. You had to have a degree in a health care field or have several years working in one. I filled out the application and was approved right away. I got a really nice email welcoming me and encouraging me to read the guidelines and jump right in. Next you got to choose three assignments from a list of topics, and you had a week to complete them. There were tons of eye related ...

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