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Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup #28-We’ve Been Skunked Again

I really thought by working less at my day job, I would have plenty of time for comments and blogging, but it seems there is always something that fills the day. The foster puppy got adopted:) I’ve had some evening commitments this week, and our dog, Mo, was skunked the other night. I know I’ve shared my ire for skunks in the past, but really, what other creature is so foul? Is there a purpose in the ecosystem that is fulfilled by skunks? I’m not sure if I still smell it or if my nose lining has been permeated so much that I will smell skunk indefinitely.  I’ve spent about three days trying to de-skunk the house and bathe the dog in all sorts of potions. Sometimes I think I should have built up enough good dog karma to avoid things like this, but then I realize that is probably why it happens. The doggy gods know that I will take care of it and not dump my stinky, thin haired dog out to sleep in the freezing cold, even if it means we all smell like skunk for a few days. Just be glad you can’t smell me through ...

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Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs #6

Didn’t I just do a roundup? Another week has flown by. We had a first this week. My daughter had her first break away run during a soccer game. She has never been very agressive toward getting the ball. Usually she’s doing somersaults or picking grass while the action is going on, but she somehow got the ball and kicked it three times in a row! It was toward the wrong goal, but you can’t ask for miracles. We’ve had some skunk troubles lately. If you’ve never had the pleasure of having a pet sprayed by Pepe Le Pew, it is an experience. I reported last week that I was about to have a ripe tomato on my plant. The next day something ate it, probably that same skunk. The darn thing got my dog and my tomato in the same week! If debt had a stinky skunk smell, no one would ever have a problem. Eyes on the Dollar is moving right along and I can’t say thanks enough for all the visits, comments, and shares from you wonderful readers. These rockin’ blogs were kind enough to mention me this week. Please tell me if I missed someone. Carnival of Personal Finance at Free Money Finance ...

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