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Do You Need A WiFi Refrigerator?

wifi refrigerator

During my downtime last week, I had the chance to read the newspaper every morning. I generally hear about news online, but my parents subscribe to a daily paper, and I actually enjoy old fashioned newsprint when I have the opportunity. One thing I don’t enjoy are all the ads, but I did get a kick out of one flyer advertising new refrigerators with wifi capability! This brought on a whole new series of questions, mainly what does one do and who really needs a wifi refrigerator? What You Get With Your Internet Refrigerator Again, I had a little too much time last week, but I did find out that with a wifi fridge, you get a touch screen in the door. With it you have the capability of checking the weather, the news, looking for recipes, basically anything you can do online. You can leave notes to yourself or other family members, and most impressively, you can update your social media. I know my morning is not complete until I’ve Tweeted about having waffles or oatmeal for breakfast! While all of this is cool, is there really anyone out there who would stand in front of the fridge to ...

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