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Society Makes It OK To Be Broke

society says it's OK to be broke

We all know that millions of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and often turn to credit cards to get by until the end of the month. I don’t believe anyone sets out to bury themselves in debt, but there certainly isn’t a stigma attached like back in the old days when you didn’t buy it if you didn’t have the cash. I think our society makes it OK, even revered, to be broke. I had a patient recently who could be the poster child for paycheck to paycheck. He had no idea what his insurance coverage was other than “it was through his wife.” His wife had never been to our office. He was told he’d need to go ahead and pay for the exam and we could reimburse him after we had the correct insurance information. Him:“But I don’t have any money and I don’t get paid until Friday.” Office: “We can reschedule your appointment.” Him: “But I’m playing softball tonight and need a pair of contacts. My last one tore yesterday.” Office: “Do you know what your wife’s insurance plan is?” Him: “She works at the post office.” Office: “Well, we can check some of the more common ...

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