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Should You Buy These 5 Kinds of Supplemental Health Insurance?

If you’ve ever worried how you would pay your bills should some catastrophic event occur to you or another family member, you might need supplemental health insurance. However, deciding for sure if you should purchase additional insurance or not can be a little overwhelming. Of course, your need may not stem from some devastating diagnosis or other incident. Instead, you might simply need additional coverage for the things your regular health insurance doesn’t cover. Whatever the case may be, the question remains: Should you buy supplemental health insurance? Here’s a look at five of the most popular types of supplemental health insurance to help you decide. 1. Cancer Have you ever wondered how you would cover all of your bills if you or a loved one were handed a cancer diagnosis? It’s only natural for most of us to have those kinds of thoughts from time to time. Chances are someone in your family has been or will be diagnosed with cancer in your lifetime. That means higher healthcare bills in addition to higher household bills for things not covered by health insurance. That is where cancer insurance can help. Obviously different policies cover different things, so you should carefully ...

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Is Supplemental Health Insurance A Good Idea Or A Rip Off?

pros and cons of supplemental health insurance

Supplemental health insurance plans, made popular by that annoying duck on the TV commercials, are on the rise. Aflac and its duck are now insuring over 40 million people. It’s very possible your employer might have had a presentation at work about the benefits of supplemental health insurance. With deductibles on the rise and actual coverage on the decline, it might seem like a good idea. How do you know if you need supplemental insurance coverage or if it’s a rip off? What is Supplemental Health Insurance? For those of you who aren’t familiar, supplemental insurance companies pay cash benefits for various health maladies like diseases, injuries, or hospitalizations. Their claim to fame is that they pick up the slack on things regular health insurance doesn’t cover. Because supplemental insurance companies pay cash fairly quickly after a health problem arises, agents will try to sell the idea that Aflac takes over if you are unable to work or need time off to care for loved ones undergoing health crises. Their money pays the rent while your health insurance supposedly pays the medical bills. The amount of money paid out varies depending on the policy and what is wrong. With a ...

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