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How Much Do Teachers Really Make?

pros and cons of being a teacher

In the personal finance community, view points often lean toward toward self employment, multiple side hustles, and even early¬†retirement. We often pity those who remain in a regular 9-5 job for several decades. “Regular jobs” are often a means to an end, and there is little sense of loyalty. Today, I’ll share a different view point. What if a person does want a steady job for the long haul that includes benefits, paid time off and the holy grail of retirement, a pension! There are few careers left that offer these terms, but I happen to be in the know about one of them. Teaching is a profession we usually think of as hard work with low pay, and I would have to agree, but ¬†there are some upsides.Let’s look at how much teachers really make. Aren’t You An Optometrist? That’s right. I am not a teacher. I have no desire to be a teacher. I’d almost rather be trapped in a room full of spiders than small children, but I have been married to a teacher for the past 12 years. I was with him from his first job on, so I think that gives me insider knowledge that ...

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