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Financial Mindset: Become a Richer Person by Thinking Like One

habits of rich people

You’ve heard of the power of positive thinking, right? Well, there is a ring of truth to it. How do successful people get to be so successful? They thought about how successful they would be before they actually became so. It’s the power of positive thinking – here’s how you can use it to become a richer person.  Selfishness Is A Virtue This is a very difficult concept for a lot of people to wrap their head around. Rich people often take the view that selfishness is a virtue, rather than a vice. To a poor person, or average person, selfishness means benefiting at another person’s – or anyone’s – expense. To a rich person, selfishness means benefiting one’s self and, by extension, benefiting others. So, a wealthy businessman may create jobs for others, but only because he has enriched himself first. It’s true that he may make more than all of his employees combined, but those employees would not otherwise have a job without him. Some people believe that rich people are exploitative because of this. Really, it’s a meritorious system. Unless the businessperson is using the heavy hand of government (i.e. rent-seeking) to make money, he’s achieving his ...

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