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Why I’m Paying $70 For Something I Could Have For Free

4th of July triathlon

  I try really hard to practice lifestyle deflation, which is the opposite of lifestyle inflation. This means carefully considering every purchase and certainly not paying for things that I don’t absolutely need. Every once in a while, a non-necessary expense comes up that makes me throw that thought out the window. This 4th of July, I’m paying $70 for something I could have for free. Physical fitness is one of my top priorities. We only have so much time, and I want to give myself the best shot at being healthy during the amount of time I get. I use plenty of low cost ways to exercise, including running, biking, hiking, or using P90x at home. I love to do 5k or 10k races but have really cut those out due to expense and/or travel time. However, every 4th of July for the past six years, I’ve signed up for the Cortez Burst Triathlon. This year, I’m taking my daughter with me! Yep, we paid $50 for me and $20 for her to run, swim, and bike around our home town. Running and biking are absolutely free, and the pool fee is only $2. Why on earth are we ...

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