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Making Life Easier with My American Express Platinum Card

travel rewards with American Express Platinum

I was looking for a new credit card last year after receiving an invitation for a family reunion across the country. I was really interested in going, of course, but I had recently put down several thousand on starting a new business. I decided to look for a way put the trip on credit, and also get some great rewards in the process. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon the American Express Platinum Card on milecards.com. To be honest, I have always thought about Visa and MasterCard when applying for credit cards, so when my parents mentioned American Express, I had to think about it for a moment. After all, this was new territory for me. Thank goodness I took my parents advice! First of all, the application process was extremely simple for this card. It only took a few minutes, which is good, since I don’t have a ton of time to waste since starting my own business. As soon as I got the card in the mail, I used it to purchase my airline tickets to the family reunion. It was easier than I expected thanks to American Express Travel, their own travel agency. Yes, you get ...

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Credit Cards Are Giving Me a Free Vacation

One spectacular advantage of having no credit card debt is that you can use your credit cards as a tool to earn money and rewards for your family. If done correctly, using credit cards to pay your regular and necessary expenses can net you hundreds of dollars in free money. While you can use free money for anything, we’ve earmarked ours for travel. I’ve learned over the years that many things we purchased during our spending frenzy were not really meaningful. As we’ve changed our habits, I realize that vacations and sharing experiences is a very valuable commodity to our household. Now that we are walking the financial straight and narrow, we are going to let credit cards pay for our upcoming vacation. No, we aren’t charging the vacation on credit, but the credit companies are going to pay us to travel. Here’s how. Disclaimer If you currently carry a balance on your credit cards or are not able to use credit within your means, you first need to find out how to break the debt cycle. Once you make your way out of consumer debt, I totally get the need to use cash for everything if you don’t want ...

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