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Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs #16-Hackers Suck Edition

This has been an exceptionally busy week. I know I never have a not busy week, but somehow being gone for Thanksgiving just put me behind. My Twitter account was also hacked, so I’m very sorry that all my contacts got a spammy message that someone was spreading nasty things about them. How embarrasing to see my smiling face right beside the stupidest message. Why that is fun for someone, I have no idea. Get a life. On a more positive note, my husband celebrated a birthday this week, and we are going to the Christmas parade tonight and out to dinner to celebrate. Local parades are always a good time, but I’ve always wondered what happens if there is an emergency as all the police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks are usually in the parade. On Monday, I will be co-hosting a giveaway, and I will be participating with a bunch of female bloggers and Average Joe (he’s in touch with his feminine side) in posting our favorite Christmas Memories so come back for all kinds of goodness. I had a guest post this week about how people waste money on eye stuff at Club Thrifty, and I did a blog swap with ...

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