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How Wealth Management Around the World Has Changed Recently

Changes in global wealth management

The past few years have been rough on the global economy. First, most countries dealt with a market crash and now, the market is recovering slowly but surely. The outlook is positive, as most countries have seen a growth in GDP. In particular, private wealth has grown remarkably well in the past few years. Many countries experienced double-digit growth in this sector. The market crash didn’t just affect smaller companies, but also large international ones like J.P. Morgan global wealth management and many others. Investing has been responsible for much of the growth in private wealth. This has allowed many new online brokerages to enter the market and compete for a share of the wealth management. Eastern Europe Eastern Europe is largely dominated by Russia both in mass and growth. In 2014, Russia’s private financial growth equaled 25%, which accounted for 71% of the area’s entire private wealth. Russia’s GDP grew by 8% with bond returns equaling 31%. Overall, Eastern Europe experienced a 19% increase in private fortunes. Poland, Slovakia, Hungry, and the Czech Republic had single digit growth of 8% or less. The entire region put a large part of its wealth in bonds as opposed to cash deposits or equity. Western ...

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