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Things People Don’t Always Tell You About Being Self Employed

challenges of being your own boss

I’ve been my own boss for all but three of the 16 years of my professional career. I don’t regret it for one minute, but there are lots of thing people don’t tell you being self employed. Yes, you get to call the shots, set your own hours, and the sky is the limit as to how much income you’re able to earn. There are also some more challenging aspects to consider before pulling the plug on your day job. Health Care is Probably Worse Than You Thought I really hoped the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, would fix the last hurdle that keeps many people working in jobs they despise. Who doesn’t know someone who stays in a job solely for the benefits? I know that for many lower income workers, Obamacare has been a blessing, but for just as many it’s been a curse. I had a long conversation with my insurance agent last week to try and feel out the overall climate now that the ACA is in full swing. He confirmed what I suspected, at least in Colorado. Yes, Obamacare has helped tons of people enroll in insurance, most of them being people who ...

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