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Is a Yard Sale Worth the Hassle?

having a yard sale

My neighbor and I had a yard sale last weekend, and I took home $301. Yay! I also feel like it was a royal P.I.T.A. and right now, I never want to have another one. If we break down the time spent for my yard sale and compare it to other ways I could have gotten rid of stuff, maybe there is a formula to see if a yard sale is worth the hassle. How Much Time Does It Take To Have a Yard Sale? I think it depends on how much crap you have. I swear I don’t even buy that much anymore, but it seems every couple of years we are bursting at the seams. I blame the child. For this yard sale, I spent about 2 hours cleaning out all the closets and drawers. Another 2  hours pricing, and about 4 hours setting up, tearing down and hauling the leftovers away. The actual sale was from 7AM-1PM. That’s about 14 hours of my time or $21.50 per hour. Not bad. Are There Costs To Having a Yard Sale? I spent about $10 for an add in the yard sale section of the paper, plus some tape and ...

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