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2015 Wrap Up and Net Worth Report

measuring assets and liabilites

Looking back, it’s been well over a year since I did a net worth update. Part of the reason is because it feels a bit like going out in public wearing only underwear. While I don’t feel totally comfortable being transparent; posting financial stats, good or bad, has always helped us grow. Here’s to hoping that trend will continue. Cash and Retirement Assets Cash: $43,041. I had hoped to whittle this number down to around $20,000 because cash in a savings account isn’t much better than cash under the mattress, but we do have about $12,000 in property and income taxes coming up in the next month or so. With our rental properties always being wild cards and a possible bathroom remodel happening later this year, it makes us feel better to have a good stash of cash. If we decide to forgo the remodel, we’ll find a better place to invest. Retirement Accounts (401k, IRA’s, 403b): $271,338 HSA: $19,841 Non-Retirement Investments: $11,896 Daughter Net Worth Technically this is still our money but will go to fund college or other worthwhile expenses for our daughter someday. Daughter 529 plan: $13,476 Daughter Roth IRA: $11,423 Daughter Brokerage Account: $275 Real Estate Assets ...

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