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6 Things That Are Cheaper on Amazon Prime than at Walmart

6 items cheaper on Amazon than Walmart

I’ve shared many times before how living in a small town limits your shopping options, at least in brick and mortar stores. The only place in town to buy many household goods and non-grocery items is Walmart. I’ve had way too many bad shopping experiences there and found myself getting mad before I even walked in the door, so as a resolution to myself and my well being, I decided to boycott purchases at Walmart in 2014. Since we really don’t have other options without driving at least 50 miles, I turned to Amazon for help. Here are six things I’ve found that are surprisingly cheaper on Amazon than at Walmart.

Before you start reading my comparison between the two, make sure you go check out these 25 money saving tips you can use on Amazon. These are perfect and will help you each and every time you shop on Amazon.com.

Cheap products on Amazon Prime

My Amazon Stash!

Amazon Versus Walmart

I signed up for Amazon Prime early this year. At $79 (now $99 per year), I figured it was worth it. Regular shipping is very slow to our area, and if I am going to replace the need for last minute Walmart items, I need to be able to order in small quantities.

1) Dog Food

Purina Beneful dog food is $15.99 for a 15.5 pound bag at Walmart. It’s $13.98 for the same bag on Amazon and shipped free with our Prime membership. I also only have to drag it from the porch into the house instead of in and out of the cart and trunk. $13.99 is also as cheap as I’ve ever seen it on sale at other stores. Score!

2) Shampoo and Conditioner

While I love, love, love the intensive damage conditioner from Aveda, it is waaay expensive at $27 a bottle. Dove makes a similar damage repair one that works just about as well for $4.99 at Wal Mart.  I was able to get a 3 pack on Amazon for $11.99. I kind of like buying in bulk. I can put one in my gym bag and one in the shower so I don’t forget to swap them out.

3)Vitamins and OTC Medicines

We are over  age 40 at my house, so we take need our supplements and pills for aches and pains including fish oil, calcium, ibuprofen, baby aspirin, and my new plant sterol supplement for lowering cholesterol. I’ve never lived anywhere that had a Costco, but have heard wonders about their Kirkland brand, AND you can also get it on Amazon. I was able to get a 750 count bottle of Kirkland Ibuprofen for $11.70. It’s around $2 to get a 100 count bottle at Walmart. All or our supplements per dose have been cheaper on Amazon as well. Bring on the arthritis!


I really like the Oil of Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging, UV Moisturizer. It’s a bit pricey, but see #3 there. I’m all for keeping wrinkles at bay. It was $15.10 at Amazon, which I think is very similar to Walmart pricing, but I don’t have to go to Walmart, so double Yay!

5)Frozen DVD

If you have a daughter or maybe even a son between the ages of 2 and 12, you’ve probably seen Frozen, maybe multiple times. If I hear that “Let It Go” song many more times, I might end up in the loony bin, but my 7 year old loves everything Frozen. She asked for the DVD for her birthday, and we were able to get it on Amazon for $14.96, which is the same price as Walmart and $4 less than the grocery store. Again, no real money savings, but it took about 3 seconds to do birthday shopping this year. The movie price is now back up to $19.96 on both Amazon and at Walmart, but with free fast shipping, I’m still going to go with Amazon DVD purchases.

6)Add Ons

Amazon Prime has this thing called add-ons. It is usually associated with very small items that would cost more to ship than the item is worth that aren’t Prime eligible, but if you wait until you need so spend $25, it ships free. I’ve been able to get push-pins, Brillo pads, and lip gloss. It makes me happy that I don’t have to go to Walmart for pesky little items as long as I carefully place them with a bigger order.

I’ve also bought random things that I’d normally buy at the grocery store, like drink boxes and granola bars. It might seem odd to look for groceries online, but sometimes they are less expensive on Amazon.

6 Items Cheaper on Amazon than Walmart

We didn’t sign up with Prime for the TV, but we’ve also been pleasantly surprised to find some of the A&E shows we used to watch plus some of my favorite old movies, like The Goonies.

I do agree that you can be tempted to buy more just because Amazon makes it easy. As with any purchase, make sure you’re getting the best deal before you buy. Sometimes saving a trip to a store you hate makes a purchase and even better deal. Sadly, the price on Amazon Prime has increased since we joined. I certainly enjoy Amazon Prime for now and stay away from Walmart.

Is it worth almost a hundred bucks to avoid Walmart?

About Kim Parr

Kim Parr is a private practice optometrist, freelance writer, and personal financial blogger. You can follow her journey to 20/20 financial vision at Eyes on the Dollar.


  1. I live near a Costco and have a car but in NYC, Amazon is definitely the way to buy a lot of items. Drug stores in town make shampoo and make-up prohibitively expensive.

    I think even with the prime membership, it’s still worth it.

  2. I don’t know how Walmart managed to get the reputation as being so cheap – around here they rarely have sales and their everyday prices are generally the same or even higher than the prices I know I can get elsewhere with regularity. Plus I like that I mostly shop at places that treat their employees with respect and pay them a decent wage.

    • Walmart is certainly not cheaper on staples that we buy like milk or bread, especially almond milk. The processed crap is less there, but I’m trying to avoid most of that anyway.

  3. I’ve been seriously considering looking into a prime membership though avaliable items aren’t anywhere near as good as US I have to decide if it’s worth the anual fee.

    • Is it the same fee in Canada? It seems consumer goods are more expensive there and coupons less so on many items.

  4. I shop at Walmart only about twice a year, maybe less than that, so yes it’s worth it to avoid Walmart! I shop at Target instead of Walmart for various reasons, but I will typically buy things on Amazon that I can wait a few days for. I like the convenience of same-day pickup at Target, though.

  5. I wish I’d signed up for Prime before the price went up to $99, I think.
    The shipping, time and gas savings seem to make it worth it!

  6. “Is it worth almost a hundred bucks to avoid Wal Mart?” Yes! We avoid it like the plague, mostly because of the shopping experience, not the prices. We’ve been on Amazon Prime for about a year and love it.

    • I know that it’s hard to love your job, especially a low paying one, but cashiers sometimes seemed almost angry like they don’t want you to cross them or they might call for a price check.

  7. “If I hear that “Let It Go” song many more times, I might end up in the loony bin…” Oh.My.Word. I am SO with you on this one Kim! Nicole took the kids to go see Frozen at the cheap theatre two weeks ago and this is all I’ve flipping heard ever since. It makes me want to pull my hair out, lol. Anyway, is $100 worth it to avoid Wal-Mart? Yes, yes and yes!

    • We can’t escape it. Went to get frozen yogurt the other day and of course they were playing Frozen over and over. I also see random children singing it out in public. Disney is a genius for sure.

  8. Over 40???? I would have never guessed you were also part of the illustrious over 40 crowd. 🙂 I wonder if Cat food is also cheaper from amazon…of course I’d have to remember to order it. Otherwise I’d have some angry cats walking around waiting for a shipment.

  9. I just had the Wal Mart conversation with my boyfriend this weekend! He was running there to pick up a last minute gift, and I gave him a gift card I’ve had in my purse for about a year. He tried to argue when I explained to him that my goal in life is to never have to step foot into another Wal Mart. And, most likely when the day comes that I do end up going to Wal Mart, I will forget to use the gift card, which will only piss me off more later about the whole experience.

  10. I have definitely taken to more Amazon shopping lately. Other than individual cost savings on products, my argument is that it also saves me the fuel cost of getting to and from the store where I would buy what I needed. And those costs definitely add up over a year.

    • It is so much easier to shop from home. I never really considered the time it takes to drive, park, look, pay, load, and return, and we live where there is no traffic.

  11. I never go to walmart so it’s hard to say, but I never thought too much about buying certain things in bulk like shampoo and conditioner and see how it compares to other places I shop for that kind of stuff, like Rite Aid.

    • I think I would have done well during the Cold War era. I like to have a stockpile. It makes me feel secure in a weird way.

  12. I bet amazon hates it when you buy dog food and ship 15 lbs… I buy Purina Dog chow at Sam’s. ~23 for 55 lbs.

    I just joined Amazon too, I was waiting until I needed something, and I knew they were raising prices. So when I ordered an item, I joined. It was like getting ~$10 off the $79.

  13. Kim,
    Since you travel hack if you sign up for the American Express Preferred Cash card you get a free year of Amazon Prime and a $100 statement credit. That’s almost 200 bucks right there. You can thank me later by having a bowl of saimin when you’re in Kauai.

  14. I love the add ons. And I’ll pretty much do anything to avoid Walmart 🙂

  15. I love Amazon Prime! My AMEX card offered to refund the $79 fee if I used the card to buy it, and I’m so glad I did. I ordered the Frozen DVD for my daughter for her birthday!

  16. I don’t have a Walmart nearby and I usually go to Target to buy the products you mentioned above. But I do also shop at Amazon (who doesn’t?). My wife has discounted Prime from when she was a student. I’ve also heard that for certain items you may have to buy monthly, there’s an option called subscribe and save where there’s a discount. I’m not too sure how big the discount is though.

    • It’s usually about a dollar less to do the subscribe and save. I may do that when I figure out exactly how often I am buying dog food. I never thought about it when I went to the store to get it.

  17. I’m like many of the folks here – I get a very strange feeling when I step into any Wal Mart. There is definitely something off about those places. I’d rather not enter them if it can be avoided through better planning.

  18. I’ve been an Amazon prime member since it went out, I was surprised that Walmart is much expensive than Amazon, do you think they will accept my gift card from giift as a payment?

  19. I just stumbled on this post while reading other things on your blog. I love my Amazon Prime and you have inspired me to look around and see what I can find cheaper online than at my own local Walmart.

  20. Amazon prime can be shared with a sibling too – so I split with my brother who is in Chicago. It is worth it!!!!

  21. Thank you for writing this post! I have wondered if the cost for Prime was worth it. I do everything I possibly can to avoid that store! I feel like I get road rage every time I go in there let alone they are either out of what I went there specifically for or I don’t find the products any cheaper than any other stores.

  22. Shopping from the convenience of home and saving money, totally worth the $99, you’d spend it in gas anyway. I am doing the Guatemalan version of Amazon prime, I have the stores’ number on my phone and they put my orders on the bus that stops in front of my house. Saves me the 20 miles trip to the store, especially to get 20lb of meat for the dog every week, as the freezer won’t take more, and I only go to town every two weeks.

  23. Thanks for the price comparison for these items. If people can do this often, do you know how much in savings you can realize. Also don’t forget to get the loss leaders in supermarkets every week, its a great deal. If you add subscribe and save in Amazon as well, you will get a another discount.

  24. I love these kinds of posts and need to stop being so lazy and do one for Amazon vs Costco. Excellent work!

  25. It’s really a good idea to compare prices. It’s amazing how much you can save by doing this. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Kim,

    Those savings aren’t huge. But, if you add them all up and multiply by several times a year, it can really start to add up! For some dumb reason, we haven’t really taken the plunge to sign-up for Amazon Prime yet. Every time we order something I tell myself today is the day, but we still haven’t done it!

  27. I live 3 blocks from Walmart and I rather wait 1-2 days of delivery from Amazon than make a trip to the store. The lines are just too long I feel like I have waited the 1-2 days there already.

    I use the Amazon bar code scanner app everytime to check if it’s cheaper at Amazon. Works great!

  28. College kids use my Prime while away at college. Charge to mom and have delivered to dorm. Makes mom feel a little sigh of relief that kiddos can get needs with out me driving there to help. They do have restrictions on what can be purchased so no extra issues there. One needed shoes for rugby team and no time for shopping, ordered online and had them in time for game. Peace of mind is well worth $99 in my opinion.

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