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Time Saving Gifts For Busy People

gifts for busy people

If only Santa could bring more time


What I would really like for Christmas this year is more time. I thought working part time would cure me of feeling rushed. I do get to do more of what I want, but I still feel like I can never get everything done. Since we all only have a finite amount of time, the best thing to do is make the most of what you have. While I’m not a fan of gifts for the most part, anything that saves time without costing an arm and leg is welcome in my house. Here are some time saving gifts for busy people.

Slow Cookers

I think we got a crock pot as a wedding gift years ago and it made me feel really old. Aren’t those supposed to be for Grannies? What I’ve learned over the years is that slow cookers are like the working Mom’s Cliff’s Notes.

You can throw almost any vegetable, meat, bean, or noodle in the crock pot and come home hours later to the smell of a nutritious home cooked meal without really having to cook. It’s hard to go wrong, but for reference just do a search for easy slow cooker recipes with(insert ingredient of choice.) An even more lazy time saving step is to use slow cooker liners. That way clean up takes about 30 seconds.

If you’ve never tried crock pot meals, do it and come back and thank me later. Don’t forget to freeze the leftovers for a second delicious meal on another night.

Electric Toothbrush

I know. You’re thinking that no one is too busy to brush their teeth, and I hope that’s true, but I’ve found that since using a Sonicare, my dental visits take much less time. There just isn’t as much tartar that builds up and I haven’t had a cavity in years.

I also like that the brushing mechanism goes for two minutes. I can multitask quite a bit in that amount of time. I’ve been known to empty trash cans, put away folded clothes, and even feed the dog while brushing my teeth. Yes, you could do all this with a manual toothbrush, but I bet your teeth are not as clean when two minutes are up!


I’ve never had a Roomba, but now that our neurotic Jack Russell terrier is barking at St. Peter’s heels, one of these would work nicely at our house. I love the idea of turning on a vacuum and coming home to nice clean floors,e specially since the technology for removing pet hair has gotten better over the years.

Our current vacuum is probably on it’s last legs, and I am seriously considering a Roomba when it dies. Of course if someone gave me one as a gift right now, I would have no problem testing it out.

Remote Car Starter

Remote car starters are not just for mafia dons anymore. Don’t you hate having to go out in the cold 10 minutes before leaving in the morning to start the car? Woe is the day you forget and have to put put down the driveway while listening to your kid’s teeth chatter from the back seat.

If you live in Phoenix this might not be a time saver, but for cold climates, a remote starter saves a step in the morning routine.

A Weekend Getaway

Everyone needs downtime, especially busy people. A weekend getaway can be just the ticket to keeping recharged and motivated. It doesn’t even have to be expensive. Sometimes a cabin in the woods is as nice as a five star hotel.

Practical Gifts

Usually busy people like practical gifts to make their life easier.  As Seen on TV gifts are a perfect, yet fun solution for this.  You can find everything from making cooking easier to easy solutions for your pets.  These kinds of time saving gifts are definitely things that should be considered.

The Real Best Gifts

Of course, the best gift you can give a busy person is putting forth effort to make their life easier. That might be in the form of an actual gift or it could be as simple as taking over house cleaning or child care duties for the week. In my opinion, showing that person you are really thinking about their needs is much better than any sweater or handbag.

What gift would save time in your life? Do Roombas really work?


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About Kim Parr

Kim Parr is a private practice optometrist, freelance writer, and personal financial blogger. You can follow her journey to 20/20 financial vision at Eyes on the Dollar.


  1. Being busy, sometimes it’s just that I feel lazy to cook so I eat out. I think that slow cooker is really the answer for me not only to be able to cook at home but also to save some money. Thanks for the idea. I’m gonna get one as a Christmas gift for myself. Yey, I’m so excited to have one and thinking some recipes.

  2. The remote car starter has to be one of the best gifts hands down. When I lived in New Jersey, pushing that button while in my home to warm up my car in the dead of winter was priceless.

  3. We had a roomba a few years back and I LOVED it! When we moved, though, I think something happened to the motor and it was never quite the same. We now have a cat, though, and I have not wanted to make the roomba investment, although, my sister has one with two dogs and she says that it does a great job.

  4. I secretly want a Roomba. My dog used to be so good at finding all the crumbs on he floor, but now he’s blind!

  5. Ha ha, I can only imagine what a Roomba would do in our house with our kiddos running around – it would probably be used as some sort of weapon. I think I’d go with the weekend getaway option. We’re pretty busy so anytime we can get away and de-stress is a winner in my book. 🙂

  6. I love my crock pot and in fact I’m making a beef barely soup today courtesy of a recipe from Tanya at Eat, Laugh, Purr.

    • I need to come up with some new soup recipes. I get stuck in the rut of the ones we generally eat, buy they are so good, I hate to branch out.

  7. I could always use more time, although when I finally get an ounce of free time, I generally squander it, haha. Help with mundane tasks like cleaning, cooking, and laundry is always awesome though.

    • I think it’s OK to squander time once in a while. I binged watched Homeland recently, and that was a great use of wasted time.

  8. I have a friend who just got a Roomba and she loves it. It really gets everywhere. She also said that it’s helped her start picking things up off the floor and being tidier in general to not choke the roomba. So it’s made her a better person.

    We have a crock pot, but I’ve only used it once. I feel like I’m still doing all the work, but it’s just taking longer. I don’t get it, I must be doing something wrong. One day I’m sure things will click and I’ll see the light. Everyone else swears by theirs.

    • I am lazy so my crock pot meals usually consist of some meat with a jar of Barbeque sauce or salsa poured over it. If I’m feeling fancy, I might use cream of chicken soup. I don’t like to leave noodles in there all day, so I will boil those when I get home. It does add and extra step but still pretty simple.

    • I am lazy so my crock pot meals usually consist of some meat with a jar of Barbeque sauce or salsa poured over it. If I’m feeling fancy, I might use cream of chicken soup. I don’t like to leave noodles in there all day, so I will boil those when I get home. It does add and extra step but still pretty simple.

  9. I told Wes that all I want for this Christmas is to be able to sit in bed (or on the couch) and have all of my meals made and brought to me. LOL

  10. I love my slow cooker too. It’s an amazing tool for sure. I have also considered a Roomba since I have pets. I think it could be helpful. But at this point I won’t be spending my money on one. I would totally use one if I was given one as a gift though 🙂

    • The pet one is pretty expensive, but any vacuum you buy that works well on pet hair would be pricey. Our Dyson has done really well and we’ve had it for about 7 years, but I can tell it’s time is coming to an end. If I knew Roomba would last that long, I’d make the investment.

  11. I love slow cookers but like you, I thought they were pretty old-fashioned too. Boy was I wrong. They are a Mom’s best friend when it comes to making dinner. I never had a roomba. I think it would terrify our cat, Prince. I’d definitely take a weekend getaway. Sometimes it can be heard to unwind at home but something about going someplace else makes it easier to go offline.

  12. Yay for helpful gadgets! We have three of the above tools (slow cooker, toothbrush, and auto start). The auto start is extremely helpful (we live where -30 degrees is not uncommon in the winter), and the slow cooker produces great food from even cheap cuts of meat, but I’d have to give my personal blue ribbon to the electric toothbrush. I really think they ought to be covered by insurance, they do an amazing job at keeping away plaque and tartar. I kind of feel like every time I brush I’m getting a wee little massage for my teeth.

  13. I’m with you on these! I’ve always been curious about the Roomba too… though I think poor Frugal Hound would be absolutely terrified. She skitters around when she thinks something is “chasing” her, like the vacuum cleaner, so I can’t imagine how she’d do with a self-directed Roomba :). I love my Sonicare toothbrush too!

  14. I had forgotten about Roombas! I used to think they were silly. Now I think it would be wonderful! Maybe once our current vacuum finally bites the dust (I really didn’t mean to do that). Until then I’ll let my money keep working hard for me in the investments!

  15. I would love to try a Roomba! That would be a huge time saver for sure! Teddi Bear might be opposed though. It’s going on my wish list!

  16. So many great gifts on this list!

    I have an electric toothbrush on my wish list this year. I use our slow cooker at least once per week and it seriously revolutionized how I cook (very time-saving).

    One year, I got my mom a Roomba for Christmas. She was insulted and said “Am I just a housekeeper to you?” She couldn’t see it as a device to enable her to spend less time on cleaning and more time on whatever else (which I firmly believe it does).

  17. I agree that crock pot liners are wonderful! I never use the crock pot without one. One of my best friends just got a Roomba. It’s great, but not too good with pet hair, from what I’ve seen.

  18. I got a Slow Cooker as a wedding present 2 years ago and I’m ashamed to admit that I used it for the first time this week! Beef Stew for lunch all week! Slow Cooker FTW!

  19. I’d love a Roomba! That would totally save me some time! I don’t make any big messes on my carpets, but I think it would be great for my busy schedule!

    However, I think a gift card for laundry services or overall home cleaning services would be the best gift! When I get swamped with work, chores are the first thing to go out the window!

  20. Hi there all!

    I just gifted Hello Fresh to my new parent friends and they LOVE it! It’s provided them the ease of cooking at home instead of paying to go out for unhealthy prepared meals! I recommend it for sure. I used the code 86F7PB and even got $40 off my first gift box (code never expires, so you can too!) ^_^



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