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Do You Understand the Importance of Your Credit Score?

In a world where financial independence and control over your credit and debt are important, you’re probably constantly looking for new ways to improve your money management skills. Many people begin searching for strategies to make their lives easier financially, but they pause once they hear about credit scores and reports. Not only can these areas be confusing at first, but you can also easily miss some of the most important aspects of this information. If you’re feeling confused, don’t worry. You can find plenty of resources available to help you understand your credit.

Your credit score affects more areas than you may think. For example, although employers can’t see your credit score, they can check your financial history, which includes requesting your credit report. A credit report lists plenty of personal information, such as outstanding collections, bankruptcies you’ve filed, and your history of wage garnishments. Employers will use this report to form an opinion about how reliable you are as a potential employee. This information is only one of many ways that a credit report can impact you. With so much at stake, you should understand why managing this part of your finances is so important.

HealthIQ.com has resources to help people learn more about finances, credit, and debt management. If you want to learn more about credit scores, what’s reflected on your report, and why these items are important, quiz yourself on the power of your credit score and report to test your knowledge of these aspects of your credit history.


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