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Weis Survey – Win 100 Rewards Points @ www.WeisFeedback.com

Weis Markets holds a bold and strong history of serving customers with extraordinary services and products. This Mid-Atlantic food retailer chain was founded back in 1912 by Harry and Sigmund Weis. Today, there are over 200 locations of Weis Markets in the United States who welcome customers every day to enjoy prime shopping experience. Customers have been the utmost priority of Weis Markets since the beginning, they always think that this chain is nothing without the consumers. To start a good communication with customers, Weis has created a customer satisfaction survey that is located at www.weisfeedback.com so that every consumer can easily share his/her honest feedback. It’s not just about providing your feedback as this survey will give every participant free 100 Reward points. Keep reading this article to learn more.

Reasons You Should Take Part In Weis Feedback Survey @ www.WeisFeedback.com

We all love surprises, right? Well, Weis Markets has got something for you if you are interested to share some honest feedback. Weis feedback survey located at www.weisfeedback.com gives every customer a chance to win 100 Rewards points by just completing a short survey. This survey gives you the power of sharing your honest opinions, suggestions, complaints, and more. You won’t get a better chance than this to get heard by the company heads. It’s time to make an impact and difference, project your honest feedback according to your recent shopping experience at Weis so they can improve and serve better in the future.

How to WIN 100 Points in Weis Guest Feedback Survey – www.WeisFeedback.com

Survey Rules & Regulations:

  • Participants of the Weis Markets guest satisfaction survey located at www.weisfeedback.com must have access to a device like a smartphone, tablet, pc or laptop with a reliable internet connection to browse the web page.
  • You must use a javascript and cookies enabled web browser like Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc to access the Weis feedback guest satisfaction survey page.
  • Anyone interested to take part in the Weis customer satisfaction survey must be able to recall his/her recent shopping experience to answer the survey questions.
  • People taking part in the www.weisfeedback.com guest satisfaction survey must provide honest and true feedback as per their recent experience.
  • Customers must have access to basic information like Name, Email Address, Address, Phone Number, Postal Code, Zip Code, etc as it will be required.
  • People looking forward to sharing their honest feedback at Weis Markets must have access to a recent sales receipt for entering the required information.
  • Customers must have access to information like Location Number, Reward Card Number, Date of Visit & Time of Visit that would be located on their sales receipt and rewards car.

Survey Limitations:

  • People who are living outside of the 50 United States, Puerto Rico, or District of Columbia can’t take part in the Weis Markets guest satisfaction survey located at www.weisfeedback.com.
  • Such people who are connected with Weis Markets like their employees, officers, directors, marketing agency, agents, parent companies, their immediate family members, etc are strictly allowed not to take part in the Weis guest satisfaction survey.
  • Note that the Weis customer feedback survey is void outside of the United States and where restricted or prohibited by the law.
  • Anyone who’s interested to share his/her honest feedback at the Weis guest survey must be 18 years of age or over at the time of entry for a valid entry.
  • Nobody is allowed to spread fake or false information or news related to the Weis guest feedback survey located at www.weisfeedback.com.
  • People who don’t have a Weis Rewards card can’t participate in the Weis guest survey as you have to enter the Reward Card Number that would be located only on the card.
  • Make sure you enter all the details correctly and answer all the survey questions as per your honest experience without including any bias opinion.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Excited? First, head over towards the official website of Weis guest satisfaction survey that would be located at www.weisfeedback.com.
  2. You’ll be welcomed and appreciated to take part in this guest satisfaction survey. On the welcome page, you’ll see all the information related to the survey.
  3. Now grab your recent Weis register receipt and Weis Rewards Card to enter the information.
  4. Locate the Location Number that would be printed on the top right side of your register receipt. Enter the number in the first input field.
  5. Now enter the Reward Card Number that would be printed on the bottom side of your Weis Rewards Card.
  6. After this, enter the Date of Visit and select the Time of Visit that would be located on your sales receipt.
  7. Click on the “Start” button to get going with the Weis guest satisfaction survey.
  8. Answer the survey questions, rate your overall experience, and enter the required information.
  9. Make sure to be super honest when you are answering the survey questions.
  10. Double-check everything before submitting your precious feedback. Now check your Rewards Card, you’ll be rewarded with 100 points.

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About Weis Markets

Known for providing top quality services, good products, and prime shopping experience, Weis Markets is a food-retailer chain in the United States. This chain was founded back in 1912 with the aim of changing the whole game. You can visit the nearest Weis Markets location to experience the hype!


Customers won’t get a better opportunity than this to share what they think about Weis Markets. Take part in this guest satisfaction survey and win 100 Rewards points that can be redeemed at any Weis location. Tell us what you’ll do with 100 Rewards points in the comments.

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