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What Are Your Best Silver And Gold Options Right Now?

If you’re not paying attention to the price of silver and gold, it’s time to tune in. Market volatility, rising inflation, and a weak U.S. dollar are combining to create the perfect storm for precious metal commodities. What the gold and silver markets are seeing may be the beginning of another bull run, the likes of which have seen silver prices triple and gold reach record heights. All signs point toward risks on the market and good news for precious metals.

The window of opportunity to strike gold with precious metal investments can feel long when prices stagnate for years, but when gold and silver prices start to move, you can quickly find yourself looking in from the outside. If you’re not already holding gold or silver bullion, it’s time to get moving. But first you need to know what you’re buying.

Gold Bullion Options

Gold bullion means fine gold products with a high standard of purity (at least .995 for bars and .900 for coins). Coins and bars are the most common forms of gold bullion, though there are also wafers (which can be easily split up for transactional purposes) and gold bullion jewelry. There are many private and government-owned refineries that produce gold bars, but only mints can produce gold coins as they are stamped with a face value and backed by the government. Keep in mind that the gold price is typically far higher than the face value of gold coins.

Your main source of gold coins and gold bars is likely to be a gold dealer like Silver Gold Bull, a prominent online gold dealer with a large inventory and a number of ways to reduce your costs. There’s a lot to learn about the different types of gold coins available, including Gold Eagles, Gold Maple Leafs, Gold Krugerrands, and the Chinese Gold Panda. Potential investors should see the Silver Gold Bull collection online and find out what gold products fit their investment goals.

Silver Coins and Silver Bars

Silver costs much less per ounce than gold. Understandably, gold dealers tend to sell more silver than gold. There’s no end of options when it comes to silver bullion products.

Silver coins are one of the most common silver bullion products you’ll find from online sources like Silver Gold Bull. Silver coins from the U.S. Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, the British Royal Mint, the Perth Mint, the Austrian Mint, and a few others are known around the world for their high quality.

Silver bars can be privately refined or come from national mints. Silver bars from private refineries often have lower premiums and can be an effective way to save money. Silver rounds are very much like silver bars. They are coin-shaped, but since they’re privately refined, they carry no face value and are not backed by any government.

Once you understand what you’re buying, you can start investing in gold and silver coins and bars on your own. Get ready for the next gold and silver bull run by buying now.

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